The government plans to construct Pakistan’s biggest IT park in Islamabad, providing space for up to 6000 freelancers

The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) green light for Pakistan’s largest IT park in Islamabad marks a transformative milestone in the city’s tech sphere. Situated on a 3.3-acre plot in Sector G-10, the park’s ambitious blueprint encompasses a sprawling core area spanning 100,000 square feet, ready to house a substantial workforce estimated between 5,000 to 6,000 freelancers.

Operated through a public-private partnership model, the Islamabad IT Park aims to provide conducive workspaces for freelancers, startups, software houses, and SMEs. This endeavor not only meets the surging demand for contemporary office setups but also nurtures an environment ripe for innovation and collaboration within the IT sector. The park’s design is holistic, incorporating essential amenities like research centers, conference halls, meeting rooms, and a library. Additionally, dedicated areas for showcasing IT products will encourage interaction and knowledge sharing among industry players, fostering a culture of innovation.

What distinguishes this venture is its funding mechanism, which doesn’t rely on financial backing from CDA or the government. Nauman Khalid, Member Technology at CDA, affirmed that the project will be self-executed, with ownership fully transferred to CDA after 15 years. This self-sustaining approach underscores a commitment to long-term development and marks a departure from conventional funding routes.

The collaboration with the Ministry of IT and the Pakistan Software Export Board further underscores the determination for success. By leveraging strategic partnerships and pooling collective expertise, the project aims to optimize resources, mitigate risks, and ensure sustainable growth. Sector G-10’s strategic location, with its concentration of universities and telecommunication companies, positions it as an ideal nucleus for technological breakthroughs. The establishment of the IT park not only taps into existing infrastructure but also triggers additional investment and progress in the area.

Beyond mere physical infrastructure, the Islamabad IT Park embodies a strategic vision to propel Islamabad’s tech industry into the future. With cutting-edge facilities, collaborative zones, and a progressive governance approach, the park pledges to shape Pakistan’s IT landscape, fostering growth, innovation, and economic prosperity for generations to come.

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