The commissioner of North Nazimabad is seeking to transform flyovers and vacant spaces into multi-functional sports complexes.

Hazim Bangwar, the Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimabad, is currently leading a unique project that creatively utilizes unoccupied government spaces to promote recreational, sports, healthy, and fun activities for the residents of his area.

The city of Karachi has several flyovers and overhead bridges, but the areas beneath them are often left vacant or turned into garbage dumping sites. However, the idea of converting these spaces into sports courts was first introduced in the city by Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab, who transformed the space under Cant Bridge into a vibrant basketball court.

This initiative was initially inspired by a video shared by an Indian citizen, which showcased how an area under an overhead bridge was turned into a play area to provide young people with a platform for healthy activities.

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