Sialkot, is responsible for producing over 50% of the global football supply

Sialkot, with its rich history in sports equipment manufacturing, holds an impressive record of producing nearly 70% of the world’s soccer balls. This legacy continues, as the city’s factories played a vital role in manufacturing balls for the FIFA World Cup 2022, while also satisfying the demand for replicas among enthusiastic fans.

According to recent statistics released by the local chamber of commerce, Sialkot produced an astounding quantity of over 43 million soccer balls, valued at $191 million, during the 2021-22 period. Furthermore, Pakistani-made football exports witnessed a substantial growth of 53.58% in the first six months of 2022-23.

These figures underscore Pakistan’s significant contribution to the production of sports items, successfully competing with major players like India and China. Sialkot proudly maintains its status as the primary global supplier of sports goods, shipping its products to numerous countries worldwide.

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