Saudi Arabia is getting 4,000 kilometers of roads ready for Hajj pilgrims

Preparations for the forthcoming Hajj season in Saudi Arabia have reached completion, with the General Authority for Roads wrapping up extensive enhancements on the routes leading to Makkah. The primary objective of these endeavors is to enhance the pilgrimage experience for all participants. Extensive work has been undertaken, encompassing the improvement of a total of 4,000 kilometers of roads.

These enhancements comprise the repair of 158 kilometers of roads, addressing cracks and potholes at 403 locations, refining the edges of roads along 2,361 kilometers, removal of 1,240 cubic meters of sand from dunes, and stream cleaning at 421 sites.

These upgrades are aimed at ensuring pilgrims embark on a seamless and comfortable journey during their sacred pilgrimage.

The kingdom’s road infrastructure is highly esteemed by the World Bank for its robust connectivity, playing a pivotal role in facilitating safe travel to the sacred sites.

In a thorough verification process, Eng Bader Al Dalami, the acting CEO of the General Authority for Roads, conducted an inspection tour covering over 2,000 kilometers of roads leading to significant religious destinations to ensure all is set for the pilgrimage.

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