Rs. 2,000 Fine for Motorcyclists Not Wearing Helmets

In a proactive measure aimed at enhancing road safety and reducing the occurrence of motorcycle riders neglecting helmet use, the traffic police in Punjab, Pakistan, have decided to significantly raise fines for this violation. This decision, reached during a meeting chaired by Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) Traffic Mirza Faran Baig, in collaboration with chief traffic officers (CTOs) and district traffic officers, carries substantial implications for traffic regulation across the region.

The primary highlights of this decision include:

  1. Fine Increase: The fine for motorcycle riders not wearing helmets will see a substantial increase, soaring from Rs200 to Rs2,000, marking a 900% increment.
  2. Applicability: This heightened fine will be enforced uniformly across the entire Punjab province, ensuring consistent application of traffic safety regulations.
  3. Implementation in Rawalpindi: While this revised fine amount will also be implemented in Rawalpindi district, formal notification by the City Traffic Police (CTP) is pending.
  4. Safety Crackdown: The crackdown on helmetless motorcycle riders is chiefly aimed at preserving lives and reducing head injuries in accidents.

AIG Mirza Faran Baig underlined that this decision is a response to court orders mandating the imposition of a Rs2,000 fine on motorcyclists without helmets. Additionally, the police have been directed to take strict actions against vehicles emitting excessive smoke to combat smog and environmental pollution.

To further enhance road safety, AIG Mirza Faran Baig emphasized the significance of rigorous adherence to traffic rules, which can help prevent accidents and safeguard lives. He also urged the police to take positive steps in assisting citizens in obtaining driving licenses, expanding the number of service centers and driving schools to enhance accessibility to these services for the public. Mr. Baig stressed his expectations for a high standard of service to ensure citizens do not need to file complaints regarding the provision of driving licenses, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the overall traffic and safety infrastructure.

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