Rohit Sharma says he’d like to play against Pakistan in Test cricket

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has voiced a strong desire to witness the resurgence of Test cricket matches between India and arch-rivals Pakistan.

Sharma’s remarks have sparked lively discussions and debates among cricket enthusiasts, players, and officials regarding the potential benefits and excitement that regular matches between these two cricketing powerhouses could inject into the sport.

The last Test series between India and Pakistan took place in 2007, heightening anticipation and eagerness among fans for the revival of this historic and fiercely contested rivalry.

Speaking on a podcast with former England captain Michael Vaughan, Rohit Sharma underscored the importance of Test matches between India and Pakistan, highlighting their rich history, intense competition, and the exceptional cricketing prowess both teams possess.

Sharma commended Pakistan’s formidable bowling lineup, acknowledging the challenge and thrill they bring to the game.

He expressed his belief that regular Test matches against Pakistan would be a boon for Test cricket, providing captivating and competitive encounters that showcase the best of international cricket.

When asked about the potential advantages and excitement of facing Pakistan regularly in Test cricket, Sharma responded with enthusiasm, emphasizing his love for competitive cricket and the pure battle between bat and ball that Test cricket embodies.

Despite the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 match between India and Pakistan, scheduled for June 9 at Eisenhower Park in New York, Sharma remains open to and supportive of the idea of future Test series against Pakistan.

His endorsement of regular Test matches against Pakistan reflects a broader sentiment and desire among players, fans, and cricketing authorities for more frequent and meaningful cricketing encounters between the two nations.

Rohit Sharma’s endorsement comes at a time when discussions and negotiations about the resumption of bilateral cricketing ties between India and Pakistan are ongoing.

His remarks have reignited hope and excitement among fans from both countries, eagerly anticipating thrilling encounters and memorable moments on the cricket field between these traditional rivals.

Sharma’s passionate support for the revival of Test cricket matches against Pakistan underscores the shared sentiment and desire among fans, players, and officials for more frequent, competitive, and exhilarating cricketing contests, which would undoubtedly enrich the international cricketing landscape.

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