Rohit Sharma: Pakistan has very strong young fast bowlers

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has praised Pakistan’s cricket team, recognizing their strengths in both bowling and batting. Sharma specifically highlighted the talent and skill of Pakistan’s young fast bowlers, emphasizing how impressive they are. He also acknowledged the overall strength of the Pakistani team, considering them tough opponents.

When asked about the cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan, Sharma explained that his main focus as a cricketer is on playing the game.

He highlighted the unique appeal of matches between India and Pakistan, noting that these games go beyond team rivalries and hold a special meaning for cricket fans. Sharma mentioned that he often receives messages from Pakistani fans expressing their love for the sport, and he appreciates their passion.

Sharma also compared playing against Pakistan to facing challenges in countries like Australia and England. He explained that while every match has its own set of difficulties, the excitement and intensity of India-Pakistan matches are unparalleled.

The captain’s comments reflect his respect for Pakistan’s cricketing talent and his understanding of the special place these matches hold in the hearts of cricket lovers.

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