Rohit responds to Inzamam’s ball-tampering accusation, stresses the need to use your brain

Rohit Sharma responded strongly to allegations from former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, who suggested that India tampered with the ball during their recent T20 World Cup match against Australia. Inzamam implied that ball tampering contributed to India’s advantage in achieving early reverse swing, which helped restrict Australia to 181-7, resulting in India’s victory by 24 runs.

Rohit dismissed these accusations, advising Inzamam to “use his brain.” He clarified that the reverse swing observed was a natural outcome of the dry, hot weather conditions prevalent during the match, affecting all teams equally.

Emphasizing that India’s success stemmed from skill and environmental conditions rather than foul play, Rohit credited his team’s hard work and adaptability to the conditions. He stressed the importance of recognizing how weather impacts cricket, influencing the behavior of the ball.

Looking ahead, India is preparing to face England in the semi-finals in Guyana. Rohit expressed confidence in his team’s readiness and determination to maintain their strong performance throughout the tournament.

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