Researchers invent AI to understand chicken language

Japanese scientists have achieved a groundbreaking feat by developing an AI system capable of discerning the emotions of chickens. Professor Adrian David Cheok, leading a team at the University of Tokyo, is at the helm of this remarkable innovation known as “Deep Emotional Analysis Learning” (DEAL).

This pioneering study extends beyond the avian realm, as DEAL can adeptly decode a spectrum of emotions in chickens. These include hunger, fear, anger, contentment, excitement, and distress, achieved through the application of advanced AI technology to analyze the vocalizations produced by the chickens.

Professor Cheok is brimming with enthusiasm regarding the potential ramifications of this research, emphasizing that grasping the emotional states of animals holds the promise of creating a more compassionate world for them. This newfound capability to interpret the emotions of chickens could ultimately pave the way for enhanced welfare and care for these feathered inhabitants.

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