Qatari Innovator Receives Accolade for Pioneering the World’s First Intelligent Prayer Mat

Qatari Innovator Awarded for Groundbreaking Creation of the World’s First Intelligent Prayer Rug

Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, a visionary from Qatar, has been honored with a gold medal at a prestigious invention exhibition in Geneva for his remarkable achievement. His groundbreaking invention, named Sajdah, is a smart prayer rug specifically designed to assist new Muslims, including children, in accurately performing their prayers.

This revolutionary prayer rug seamlessly blends modern technology with traditional elements, offering interactive features that guide users through the correct techniques and steps of prayer. Equipped with a small screen, illuminating lights, and integrated speakers, Sajdah provides clear instructions in both English and Arabic for more than 25 prayers.

Sajdah is meticulously crafted to aid newcomers in mastering the art of prayer. By connecting the rug to a mobile app, users can select specific prayers and receive on-screen guidance, enabling them to learn daily and non-daily prayers gradually and comprehensively.

The rug’s LED screen facilitates the reading and memorization of the Holy Quran while engaging in prayers. It possesses intelligent connectivity, allowing users to personalize the pace of prayer guides and adjust other settings. Furthermore, Sajdah offers prayer guidance and Quranic verses in Arabic, English, and Latin Transliteration, ensuring a multilingual experience.

Serving as a personal trainer, Sajdah ensures that users maintain correct postures and adhere to the prescribed sequence of each prayer. For children, it presents a user-friendly solution with simplified step-by-step instructions. Additionally, Sajdah functions as a prayer companion, fostering concentration during prayers and Quran recitation. Compliant with Shariah law and recognized by various madhhab (schools of Islamic jurisprudence), it stands as an esteemed tool for proper prayer education.

In summary, Sajdah harmoniously combines technology and tradition to elevate prayer experiences, catering to individuals who are eager to enhance their prayer practices.

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