Punjab plans to build 10 recycling plants to turn trash into energy

Local Government Minister Zeeshan Rafique has revealed plans for the establishment of 10 recycling facilities spread across Lahore at the divisional level.

These facilities are poised to play a pivotal role in converting waste gathered from villages and wards into energy and compost. Any residual waste will be appropriately handled in designated landfill areas. Minister Rafique disclosed these particulars during a press briefing held on Sunday.

He underscored the triumph of the initial stage of the “Suthra Punjab program” and announced the impending launch of its second and third phases concurrently. The second phase aims at ensuring fair municipal amenities across rural and urban regions. As per the blueprint, each rural zone and tehsil will be assigned one sanitation worker for every 250 households. Their duties will encompass activities such as street sweeping, waste collection, and sewage upkeep. To optimize efficiency, the sanitation framework will be outsourced at the tehsil level, with household and market waste directed to temporary collection points.

Furthermore, a digital surveillance system will be implemented to monitor the new sanitation protocols in both rural and urban locales, guaranteeing their efficacy and safety.

Minister Rafique underscored the program’s dedication to fostering a more hospitable environment for humans. He also accentuated the innovative approach of the Suthra Punjab program in tackling waste management obstacles and exploring fresh avenues in the recycling sector.

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