PTA Advised Parents to Monitor Children’s Online Engagement Throughout Summer Break

PTA Urges Parents to Monitor Children’s Activities: Provides Software for Tracking and Warns Against Excessive Mobile Gaming

In a recent communication, PTA has reiterated the importance of parents keeping a watchful eye on their children’s activities. Messages have been sent to parents nationwide, containing a link to accessible software that enables monitoring of their children’s smartphone usage.

The message also emphasizes the penalties associated with sharing or uploading illegal or harmful content on social media. PTA provides the software for tracking activities, which can be found on their official website.

Furthermore, PTA has issued a warning to parents regarding the potential negative impacts of excessive mobile gaming on children’s physical and mental well-being. While mobile games offer entertainment, they can also disrupt children’s overall health. PTA encourages parents to promote physical activities and encourage children to play outdoors. Additionally, parents are urged to limit screen time and ensure appropriate counseling for their children.

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