Professionals say Pakistan can make billions from exporting marble

Moazzam Ghurki, the leader of the Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI), discussed the significant potential for Pakistan to generate substantial revenue by exporting marble products to international markets. However, he emphasized that the government must address several challenges within the marble industry to fully realize this opportunity.

Pakistan ranks as the sixth-largest global producer of marble and granite, boasting extensive deposits of approximately 350 million tons encompassing 64 different varieties. Ghurki underscored the need for improvements in various facets of the industry to enhance exports, including outdated extraction methods, high electricity costs, antiquated mining practices, and inadequate infrastructure for transportation and processing. He further stressed the importance of collaboration between the government and private enterprises to enhance the industry’s overall performance.

Fang Yulong, another PCJCCI member, advocated for tax exemptions on machinery imports to enable more efficient marble extraction. He pointed out that traditional extraction methods result in significant waste, while modern machinery can increase export profits. Yulong also highlighted issues such as elevated electricity expenses, insufficient financial support, safety concerns, and deficient transportation and supply chain networks. He proposed financial assistance for marble exporters to participate in international trade exhibitions, loans for investors to acquire modern machinery, and the establishment of training centers and secure workplaces to enhance the industry’s competitiveness. Additionally, he suggested exploring collaborative opportunities with China, emphasizing Chinese interest in Pakistani marble, and recommending the joint development of dedicated marble business facilities and training centers within Pakistan.

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