PIA grounds 11 planes due to insufficient funds

In a recent update, Pakistan’s national airline has taken 11 aircraft out of service, effectively reducing the size of its fleet. Notably, this includes three Boeing 777s, highlighting the ongoing financial challenges faced by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which have been exacerbated by the devaluation of the national currency and the persistent increase in fuel prices.

The primary reason for grounding these aircraft is the airline’s inability to procure essential spare parts due to prolonged resource shortages. PIA, a government-owned entity, has struggled with consistent financial support.

This development is a result of past actions, with two of the three wide-body Boeing 777 aircraft grounded in 2020, and the remaining one following suit in 2021. Additionally, five A320 aircraft and three ATR aircraft have also been taken out of operation, with one of each grounded in 2020, 2022, and 2023.

A spokesperson from PIA confirmed that the grounding of these 11 aircraft is due to a lack of funds to acquire critical spare parts. The airline’s financial situation is indeed dire, primarily due to its reliance on foreign currency, which has gained value recently.

Currently, PIA is operating with a reduced fleet of 20 aircraft, making concerted efforts to sustain flight operations with the available resources. However, it’s important to note that an increased flight schedule could potentially lead to an aircraft shortage, potentially affecting the smooth functioning of operations.

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