Peshawar Students Embrace Graffiti to Revitalize Government Walls, Promoting a Positive City Image

A collaborative initiative between a private university and the district administration has been launched in Peshawar city, known as the Clean and Green campaign, aiming to enhance the city’s overall appearance.

As part of this commendable effort, university students have taken the lead by adorning the walls of Khyber Teaching Hospital with vibrant artworks. These captivating murals not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of Peshawar’s walls but also serve as a means to raise awareness about local culture and social issues.

The talented students behind these artistic wall paintings have successfully achieved dual objectives: beautifying the city while educating the community on crucial subjects. With the Assistant Commissioner expressing enthusiasm, the campaign is set to expand its reach to other areas within the city, hopeful for a positive response from the citizens.

Moreover, the campaign serves as a platform to showcase the rich culture and history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Painters from all across Pakistan have been invited to contribute their artwork, emphasizing the region’s historical significance, particularly that of Peshawar. Participants in the campaign explore various themes including climate change, water scarcity, cleanliness, education, culture, and the perils of addiction.

The primary goal is to raise public awareness and inspire positive change. Initially commenced with a team of ten volunteers, the campaign has attracted over a hundred participants, with more expressing their interest to join. This collective effort showcases the determination to embellish Peshawar, create awareness, and make a constructive impact on the community.

As the project gains momentum, Peshawar’s walls will gradually transform into vibrant canvases, reflecting the region’s heritage and nurturing a sense of civic responsibility among its residents.

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