Pakistan’s Tekken champion, ‘Arslan Ash,’ wins the ‘Jemputan Tekken 7 Championship’ in Malaysia, adding another title to his name

Pakistani Tekken sensation Arslan Ash emerged victorious in the Jemputan Tekken 7 Championship held in Sepang, Malaysia, on Sunday.

Arslan’s Kunimitsu outshone LowHigh’s Shaheen with a 3-1 victory in the grand final, securing the coveted title. Notably, Arslan’s path to victory was particularly remarkable as he fought his way back from the losers’ side, having faced a 2-0 deficit against kkokkoma in winners round 2.

Prior to this triumph, Arslan had already made waves by winning the Uprising Korea 2023 tournament, where he dominated South Korea’s Galgonge in the final with a 3-0 scoreline.

In August, Arslan reached the pinnacle of Tekken excellence by becoming a four-time EVO champion, a remarkable feat he achieved by clinching the title in Las Vegas. In this prestigious competition, the 27-year-old demonstrated his extraordinary skills by delivering a convincing 3-0 victory against Japan’s AO in the grand final.

Arslan stands as the sole player in the world to have claimed the coveted EVO title four times in Tekken 7. He initially won it in Japan and Las Vegas in 2019 and repeated this exceptional achievement in the current year.

Widely regarded as the greatest Tekken player of all time, Arslan’s exceptional talent was acknowledged when he was named the best E-Player of 2019 by ESPN.

Adding to his impressive list of accolades, Arslan is also the reigning CEO 2021 Champion and the 2022 Combo Breaker Tekken 7 tournament winner, where he secured the title by triumphing over all ten of his opponents.

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