Pakistan’s Foreign Office says the case against Zainab Abbas has no basis

The Pakistan Foreign Office has strongly criticized the Indian authorities for what they deem a “baseless” case against the renowned presenter Zainab Abbas. Zainab had to depart India during the ICC World Cup 2023 following accusations by an Indian lawyer who claimed she made “Anti-Hindu” comments on her social media accounts.

The Foreign Office has voiced its concern that Zainab has been entangled in a legal case without substantial grounds. The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed her departure from India was due to “personal reasons” and refuted any reports of deportation.

Furthermore, the Foreign Office has emphasized that it is actively engaging with Indian authorities to expedite the issuance of visas for Pakistani journalists and fans, addressing the visa delay issue that has persisted during the ongoing World Cup.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has expressed its disappointment regarding this delay, especially considering the World Cup is already in progress.

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