Pakistan’s exports to seven regional countries increase by 20% to $3.655 billion in 10 months

During the first ten months of the fiscal year 2023-24, Pakistan saw a notable 20.61% increase in exports to seven key regional partners, reaching $3,655.483 million. This represented approximately 14.24% of Pakistan’s total exports of $25,669.182 million for the period.

China was the top destination, with imports from Pakistan rising by 37.68% to $2,341.089 million. Exports to Sri Lanka also grew significantly by 35.83%. However, exports to Afghanistan and Nepal declined, highlighting varying trade dynamics within the region.

On the import front, Pakistan’s imports from these neighboring countries increased by 26.77% to $10,925.280 million. China was a major contributor to this surge, holding a significant share of Pakistan’s imports. Imports from India also saw a notable increase of 13.61%, while imports from Afghanistan and Nepal declined.

These trade figures highlight Pakistan’s evolving economic ties with neighboring nations, illustrating both opportunities and challenges in regional trade dynamics. The data provides a nuanced view of Pakistan’s trade relationships, shaping its broader economic strategies and regional engagements.

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