Pakistan’s crackdown on power theft results in over Rs. 7 billion recovered

In a dedicated campaign to curtail electricity theft, the Power Division has been actively operating nationwide. Their relentless efforts have resulted in the recovery of a substantial sum, exceeding Rs7 billion, from individuals engaged in electricity theft. Furthermore, legal actions have been initiated against these offenders.

Remarkably, within a mere 17-day span, an impressive Rs7.9 billion was successfully recouped from these culprits involved in electricity theft. A total of 2,001 individuals were apprehended for their involvement in such activities, and over 15,000 First Information Reports (FIRs) were filed.

One of the notable achievements in this endeavor comes from LESCO, which managed to recover a substantial sum of over Rs2.15 billion and apprehended 471 suspects. In the MEPCO region, a significant amount exceeding Rs1.86 billion was reclaimed, leading to the apprehension of 698 individuals.

Across various regions, including PESCO, FESCO, QESCO, GEPCO, and TESCO, a collective effort led to the apprehension of 839 electricity theft culprits, representing a determined move to combat this issue effectively.

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