Pakistan Might Be a Surprise in 2023 World Cup : Eoin Morgan

Former England cricket captain Eoin Morgan has singled out Pakistan as a potential dark horse in the forthcoming 2023 Cricket World Cup. Morgan’s belief in Pakistan’s capacity to surpass expectations is rooted in their exceptional talent and competitive spirit. He contends that Pakistan tends to raise their performance levels in the unique pressure-cooker atmosphere of a World Cup, in contrast to bilateral series.

Pakistan has a history of captivating the cricketing world with their unpredictable yet exhilarating displays. They clinched the Cricket World Cup in 1992 and have consistently been a formidable team on the global stage. Their squad boasts a mixture of seasoned players and emerging talents, a combination that could prove successful in such a prestigious tournament as the World Cup.

Morgan’s remarks are well-founded. Pakistan’s cricketing prowess has often shone brightest in high-stakes competitions. Their bowlers possess the knack for dismantling strong batting lineups, and their batsmen can be explosive when in top form.

As the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup gets underway, the cricketing fraternity will be keenly observing Pakistan’s journey. Their pivotal opening match against the Netherlands on October 6 will serve as a crucial litmus test, and if they can build momentum, they may well emerge as the team capable of surprising everyone by making a deep run in the tournament, echoing their past successes.

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