Pakistan is set to export cherries to China

After a 12-year endeavor, Pakistan’s Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSR) has successfully resolved the market access issue for exporting cherries to China.

The Department of Plant Protection (DPP), under the MNFSR, received confirmation from China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) allowing Pakistani cherry exporters to ship their produce to China. However, this approval is limited to cherries sourced from DPP-registered orchards and packing facilities.

The request for market access had been pending since 2012, but after a thorough video inspection by GACC covering quarantine operations, registered orchards, cold treatment facilities, and DPP-registered packhouses, the approval was granted. The inspection aimed to ensure compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary protocols.

To meet the requirements set by GACC, the Department of Plant Protection made necessary improvements in registered orchards, cold treatment facilities, and packhouses. They provided guidance and conducted regular technical compliance assessments to ensure the facilities adhered to the necessary standards for exporting cherries. Emphasis was placed on enhancing food safety, phytosanitary procedures, and overall quality, storage, and packing standards.

As a result, 90 cherry orchards, 15 cold storage facilities, and 15 packing facilities are now eligible to export cherries from Pakistan to China. This agreement not only grants Pakistani cherries access to the Chinese market but also opens up possibilities for more exports to other markets, provided the quality standards are maintained.

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