Pakistan gets its first LPG shipment from Russia

Pakistan has welcomed its inaugural consignment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from Russia, marking a notable milestone in their expanding energy collaboration. The Russian embassy in Islamabad has confirmed this development and expressed gratitude for Iran’s pivotal role in facilitating the delivery.

This shipment, comprising 100,000 metric tonnes of LPG, traversed Iran’s Sarakhs Special Economic Zone. While discussions are in progress for a subsequent shipment, particulars regarding Iran’s participation and pricing remain undisclosed.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan had previously engaged in transactions for Russian crude oil using the Chinese currency, though the precise value of this arrangement was not disclosed. Given that energy imports constitute a significant portion of Pakistan’s external payments, these discounted imports from Russia are deemed essential support in the face of the nation’s economic challenges and mounting external debt concerns, potentially serving as a safeguard against a default scenario.

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