Pakistan Finds New Gas Reserves in Sindh

Pakistan’s energy sector celebrated a significant milestone with the discovery of a new gas reservoir in Sindh’s Khairpur Latif block. This achievement, a collaboration between Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and two private firms, represents a major step toward enhancing the country’s energy security.

The gas well, which began drilling on May 4, is now producing an impressive 11.27 million standard cubic feet of gas per day. This substantial yield promises to significantly boost Pakistan’s energy supply.

A spokesperson from the consortium emphasized the importance of this discovery, stating, “This discovery reflects our ongoing efforts to expand natural gas reserves.” They also highlighted Pakistan’s untapped potential and the effectiveness of partnerships in the energy sector.

The successful discovery in the Khairpur Latif block is expected to boost the local economy, create job opportunities, and reduce Pakistan’s reliance on imported energy. This development underscores the potential for future explorations and discoveries, reinforcing the importance of continuous investment and collaboration in the energy sector.

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