Outrage online after a Lahore student was killed in a hit-and-run by a speeding underage driver

Anger has surged following the tragic incident involving a Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) student, Abdul Hadi, who lost his life and his brother, Abdullah Khan, who was injured in a motorcycle accident on Saturday in Lahore’s DHA. Reports from Media indicate that the culprit, an underage driver, was speeding when he struck the siblings.

SP Bushra Nisar of the Cantonment Division Investigation stated that the suspect is currently on pre-arrest bail until June 14, after which he will face court proceedings. The driver, aged 17, fled the scene after the collision, leaving behind his vehicle.

According to the FIR lodged at the Defence C police station, the 22-year-old victim and his 30-year-old brother were en route to Defence Raya from DHA Phase 7 on a motorcycle when the accused, driving a Toyota Altis, collided with them. The driver, allegedly speeding and driving recklessly from Defence Raya to Block N, caused severe damage to the victims’ motorcycle. Tragically, Abdul Hadi succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, while Abdullah sustained severe injuries.

In the wake of the tragedy, social media platforms have become a forum for expressing outrage, with many pointing fingers at “rich DHA kids” who they believe can evade consequences due to their wealth. Given that the driver was reportedly only 17, below the legal driving age of 18 in Pakistan, netizens are advocating for holding the suspect’s parents accountable for the accident.

Singer Maria Unera called on parents to cease allowing their underage children to drive without supervision, emphasizing that such behavior is often seen among privileged youths. The LUMS community, where Abdul Hadi was enrolled in engineering, rallied for justice under the hashtag #JusticeforAbdulHadi.

One of Hadi’s teachers underscored how unrestricted roadways encourage reckless driving, while another individual highlighted the high-speed driving culture in Lahore’s DHA Phase 6 and 7, where accidents are highly probable.

A protest is scheduled at Liberty Chowk on Wednesday to express solidarity with the victim’s family and demand the apprehension of the driver.

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