“Only six out of 266 buildings on Karachi’s main corridors have fire safety facilities,” says Mayor Karachi

The alarming disclosure made by Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab regarding the absence of fire safety facilities in 266 buildings along key thoroughfares, including prominent areas like II Chundrigar Road, Sharea Faisal, and Shahrah-e-Quaideen, underscores a grave threat to public safety. Shockingly, only six of these buildings are equipped with fire safety facilities, and none of the others even have basic fire extinguishers, as revealed during discussions on the fire safety audit report presented by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s fire brigade department.

The comprehensive report unveils a multitude of safety deficiencies, painting a bleak picture of the emergency preparedness status in these structures. A staggering 62% of the buildings lack emergency exits, placing occupants’ lives in jeopardy during fire or other emergencies. Furthermore, a significant 70% exhibit substandard electrical wiring, posing a potential ignition source for fires. One of the report’s alarming findings is that only 90 out of the 266 buildings have fire alarms and smoke detectors—essential components for early detection and swift response to fire incidents. The absence of these crucial warning systems poses a considerable risk, as timely alerts are imperative for the safe evacuation of people.

Mayor Wahab’s urgent call for responsible actions to prevent future fire incidents underscores the imperative to address these issues promptly. He rightly emphasizes the necessity of implementing essential fire safety measures, particularly in commercial centers where a high density of people and valuable assets are at stake. The focus on preventing loss of lives and safeguarding properties underscores the gravity of the situation, necessitating immediate attention from authorities, building owners, and the community at large.

In conclusion, the revealed shortcomings in Karachi’s major buildings necessitate swift and effective measures to rectify the existing lapses in fire safety. The collective effort of government bodies, building owners, and the public is indispensable to ensure a safer environment and prevent potential disasters.

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