National Assembly Dissolved as President Alvi Signs Summary

President Dr. Arif Alvi has suspended the operations of the National Assembly (NA) based on a directive he received from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. This decision has effectively halted the functioning of the legislative body responsible for crafting laws and making decisions. The activation of this pause stems from the application of Article 58-1 within the Constitution. The President’s Office has formally communicated this development.

Consequently, this move has led to an earlier conclusion of the government’s activities than originally intended. This administration commenced following the departure of former Prime Minister Imran Khan due to a vote of no confidence. The incumbent Prime Minister had indicated his intention to request President Alvi to halt the NA, effectively abbreviating the government’s tenure.

Presently, the attention is shifting towards establishing an interim governing body to manage affairs until the forthcoming significant elections. Contemplations are underway regarding the potential leaders of this transitional entity, with names such as Ishaq Dar, Hafeez Sheikh, and Justice Shakeel Baloch being discussed. However, the government has yet to officially confirm any individual for this role.

Even as the current government activities cease, deliberations persist regarding the timing of the upcoming elections. There is a proposal to wait for the completion of the 2023 census and the subsequent redrawing of voting areas (constituencies) before finalizing the election schedule.

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