Naseem Shah has set a world record in ODI cricket.

During the first One Day International cricket match between Pakistan and New Zealand held at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Naseem Shah demonstrated an exceptional performance. After his first six ODIs, Naseem now holds the world record for the most wickets. He has taken 20 wickets, surpassing Matt Henry’s previous record of 19 wickets.

Despite a batting-friendly surface that made it difficult for most bowlers to contain the New Zealand batsmen, Naseem was able to restrict scoring to only 29 runs in his 10 overs while also taking two crucial wickets.

Naseem’s pace and accuracy were on full display as he bowled, making it difficult for the New Zealand batsmen to score runs comfortably. He maintained a tight length and line throughout his entire spell, leaving the batters in suspense and forcing them to take risks.

One of the highlights of Naseem’s spell was the pitch’s ability to generate movement. The ball swung both ways off his outstanding seam delivery, which was too much for the New Zealand batsmen to handle. He also bowled a combination of short and full deliveries, varying his pace and length, making it challenging for the batsmen to settle down.

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