More than 90,000 street crime cases were reported in Karachi in 2023

Data released by the Karachi police reveals a significant uptick of approximately 11.11 percent in street crimes for the year 2023, with reported incidents surpassing 90,000 compared to the previous year’s count of over 80,000 cases.

Among these incidents, 134 individuals suffered fatal consequences, numerous individuals sustained injuries in robbery incidents, and 411 civilians lost their lives in various situations. The statistics further encompass over 59,305 instances of stolen or snatched motorcycles, 2,336 car thefts, and more than 28,000 reported cases of mobile phone loss.

Of particular note, the report highlights two bank robberies, 17 kidnappings for ransom, and 50 cases of extortion occurring in Karachi throughout 2023.

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