More than 60% of students in Karachi failed in their first year

The recently disclosed results of the First Year examinations reveal a challenging scenario for students in Karachi. In the Pre-Engineering category, the passing ratio stands at 34.91%, indicating that only approximately one-third of students successfully navigated through their exams in this discipline.

Similarly, the Pre-Medical category encountered a passing ratio of 36.79%, suggesting that slightly more than one-third of students met the criteria for success.

These passing ratios illuminate the challenges students faced in achieving success in their First Year exams. However, when considering overall pass rates across multiple categories, it becomes evident that over 60% of students in Karachi did not meet the necessary criteria for passing.

This information underscores the urgency for a closer examination of the factors contributing to the lower success rates and emphasizes the necessity for potential interventions to provide support for students in their academic pursuits.

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