More than 1,000 Pakistani doctors prepared to go to Gaza to treat the injured

Alkhidmat Health Foundation has initiated a commendable effort to deliver essential medical aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip. Over 1,000 medical specialists, including 400 female healthcare professionals, have volunteered their services to address the urgent healthcare needs arising from the ongoing conflict.

Dr. Zahid Latif, Chairman of Al-Khidmat Health Foundation, has drawn attention to the dire state of Gaza’s healthcare system, which has crumbled due to the destruction of hospitals, the loss of medical personnel, and disruptions in essential services like electricity and water. This initiative provides a crucial lifeline for the people of Gaza, many of whom have suffered severe injuries and require immediate medical attention.

What makes this endeavor even more remarkable is the significant participation of female doctors and healthcare specialists, with expertise in fields such as gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, and critical care. This underscores the importance of gender-inclusive relief efforts.

Al-Khidmat Foundation is not only deploying medical professionals but is also collaborating with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to provide essential medical supplies, hygiene kits, and safe delivery kits to Gaza. They are also extending support to partner organizations based in Turkey, which are operating within the region.

Furthermore, Dr. Latif’s efforts to coordinate with the World Health Organization (WHO) to facilitate the entry of Pakistani healthcare professionals into Gaza highlight the challenges and complexities involved in providing aid during ongoing conflicts. This initiative serves as an inspiring example of humanitarian solidarity in the face of adversity, offering hope and healing to those in desperate need.

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