Legendary Nepal Mountaineer Climbs Mount Everest for a Record 29th Time

Nepal’s renowned mountaineer, Kami Rita Sherpa, affectionately known as the ‘Everest Man,’ has made history once again by scaling Mount Everest for an astonishing 29th time. On a serene Sunday morning, precisely at 7:25 AM (NST), Kami Rita reached the majestic summit, marking another remarkable achievement in his illustrious climbing career.

What sets Kami Rita apart is his humble approach to conquering the world’s tallest peak. Unlike many climbers who set rigid goals, Kami Rita embarked on his latest ascent without a predetermined plan for the number of times he intended to reach the summit. This unassuming demeanor, coupled with his unparalleled climbing prowess, continues to captivate the world.

Guiding an expedition organized by Seven Summit Treks, Kami Rita led a team of fellow adventurers on this awe-inspiring journey. Despite the challenges posed by the treacherous terrain and unpredictable weather conditions, Kami Rita’s unwavering determination propelled him to success once again. This remarkable accomplishment follows Kami Rita’s extraordinary feat during the previous spring season, when he ascended Everest twice within the span of just one week, setting a new record with his 28th summit. Such astounding achievements have solidified Kami Rita’s status as a legend in the world of mountaineering, earning him widespread admiration and respect from his peers and admirers alike.

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