Javed Afridi has announced that he will be sending a well-known elderly man from Balochistan on a pilgrimage to Hajj.

Muhammad Javed Afridi, a Pakistani business executive and entrepreneur, was born on August 14, 1985. In Islam, completing the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime is mandatory for physically capable Muslims, as it is one of the religion’s most important pillars.

Recently, Javed Afridi announced his plan to sponsor Abdul Qadir Bakhsh, a well-known elderly shepherd from Balochistan, for the Hajj pilgrimage. Despite not owning a phone, Bakhsh became popular on social media after claiming that all his troubles had vanished following his Umrah pilgrimage at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. After waiting for 15 years, Bakhsh finally got to perform Umrah, and Javed Afridi tweeted his offer to sponsor him for his upcoming Hajj travels.

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