IT Minister Unveils Rs. 15,000 Smartphone Installment Plan

In a recent interview conducted by a private news channel, Umar Saif, the Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecom, delivered a groundbreaking revelation concerning the availability of cost-effective mobile phones manufactured within Pakistan.

During the interview, Saif disclosed that within the coming year, individuals will have the opportunity to acquire reasonably priced, domestically-produced mobile phones through installment payment plans.

These locally-manufactured phones from Pakistan are expected to be notably more budget-friendly, with an approximate average price tag of 15,000 rupees. Dr. Saif underscored that the collaborative efforts of 33 local companies have led to the production of an astounding 57 million affordable mobile phones, of which 120 million have already been exported.

Dr. Saif emphasized the importance of this initiative, highlighting that Pakistan boasts approximately 1.5 million cellphone users, the majority of whom rely on imported devices. He firmly believes that there is no reason why mobile phones cannot be assembled and manufactured domestically.

As a prominent figure in the realm of Information Technology, Umar Saif holds several leadership roles, including CEO of, Chief Digital Officer of the Jang Group, and CEO of Khudi Ventures. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to the United Nations Development Programme in Pakistan.

Dr. Saif’s background and advisory positions underscore his unwavering commitment to advancing technology, rendering this announcement a promising stride toward enhanced affordability and accessibility within the mobile phone market.

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