Iraq national football team demonstrated their solidarity by raising the Holy Quran before their match

In a notable display of protest during a football match in the Iraqi League, players made a powerful statement by prominently showcasing copies of the Holy Quran. This act of protest was a direct response to the disrespectful desecration of the Quran that occurred in Sweden. The incident sparked widespread anger and condemnation throughout the Muslim world.

The protesters utilized this platform to express their deep frustration and anger over the offensive act committed against their sacred religious text. Their intention was to strongly condemn the incident and call for appropriate consequences to be imposed upon those responsible.

The protest held at the Swedish embassy served as a striking manifestation of the profound emotions among Iraqis and their unwavering commitment to upholding their religious beliefs. It symbolized unity and served as a resounding call for justice.

The intense reaction from the Iraqi people underscored the profound significance of the Quran and the considerable impact such acts of desecration have on the Muslim community. The protesters demanded accountability for the perpetrators and aimed to safeguard the sanctity of their religious values.

The Iraqi government confirmed the identity of the individual involved in the desecration and urged the Swedish government to extradite him for trial in accordance with Iraqi law. The Iraqi foreign ministry affirmed that legal justifications and freedom of expression should not be seen as justifications for disrespecting religious sanctities.

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