Iran imposes sanctions on the US and UK for supporting Israel

On Thursday, Iran made public its decision to impose sanctions on numerous American and British individuals and entities due to their backing of Israel amidst its ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

Iran, a steadfast adversary of Israel, announced these punitive actions through a statement released by its foreign ministry. The sanctions specifically target seven Americans, among them General Bryan P. Fenton, who heads the US Special Operations Command, and Admiral Brad Cooper, a former commander of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

Among the British figures and entities facing sanctions are Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, leader James Hockenhull, and the UK Royal Navy operating in the Red Sea.

Furthermore, US corporations Lockheed Martin and Chevron, alongside their British counterparts Elbit Systems, Parker Meggitt, and Rafael UK, have been subjected to these sanctions. The measures involve actions like freezing accounts and transactions within the Iranian financial and banking systems, as well as the freezing of assets under Iranian jurisdiction. Additionally, they include restrictions on visa issuance and entry into Iranian territory.

Iran’s decision underscores its strong disapproval of support for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. It also reflects the country’s resolve to take punitive actions against those perceived as aiding Israel.

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