Indian cricketers will not be permitted to participate in the richest T20 league in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s proposed cricket league has attracted the attention of IPL franchise owners, but Indian players are unable to participate due to strict BCCI regulations. The BCCI expressed concerns about the league’s infrastructure and the absence of top Indian cricketers, fearing it could damage the IPL’s brand value.

Despite the regulations, several IPL franchises are involved in overseas T20 leagues in various countries. This raises questions about the effectiveness of BCCI’s rules.

The proposed cricket league aims to make Saudi Arabia the top tourist destination for India by 2030, but the absence of Indian players could impact its success given the sport’s immense popularity in India. However, IPL franchises are free to invest their money where they want, even if Indian players cannot participate in the new league.

While the lack of Indian players might be a challenge for Saudi organizers, it presents an opportunity to develop local talent and promote the sport in the region.

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