In Karachi, street crimes have increased with more than 19,000 citizens being robbed in a period of three months.

Karachi is currently facing a significant increase in street crimes, with over 19,000 citizens being robbed in the first quarter of 2023 alone. Despite the police’s claims of increased security, incidents of motorcycle snatching and armed thefts have remained rampant, leaving citizens vulnerable to criminal activity. This surge in street crimes is a cause for concern and highlights the need for effective measures to ensure the safety and security of the people of Karachi.

Data available with ARY News shows that over 19,000 citizens in Karachi have fallen victim to street crimes and have had their motorcycles, mobile phones, and vehicles stolen. Shockingly, 34 people lost their lives while resisting these incidents. Statistics reveal that more than 7,000 street crimes were reported in January, followed by 6,500 cases in February and over 6,000 in March of 2023.

Despite having access to CCTV footage, the police have not been successful in apprehending street criminals. Their efforts to recover stolen items during various operations have been unsatisfactory, with less than 5% of the stolen items being recovered. The lack of action by the authorities has left citizens feeling unprotected and vulnerable.

The rise in street crimes has caused concern among the public, leading residents of Karachi to demand immediate action from authorities. They are calling for increased patrolling and security measures to be taken to ensure their safety while on the streets. The authorities must take notice of this alarming situation and devise a comprehensive plan to address and curb street crimes in Karachi. Failure to do so may further damage the city’s reputation and increase fear among its citizens.

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