In February, Pakistan will start using PayPal for freelancers’ payments.

In a noteworthy development benefiting Pakistan’s freelance community, Dr. Umar Saif, the Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, has introduced a pilot project. This initiative aims to streamline payments for approximately 10,000 freelancers through PayPal, with the implementation scheduled to commence in February.

The unveiling coincided with the launch of E-Rozgar Centers nationwide during the Tech Destination Pakistan event. Dr. Saif clarified that while PayPal is not establishing a direct presence in Pakistan, an agreement has been forged to enable remittances through PayPal via a third-party intermediary. This innovative program introduces an efficient method for freelancers to receive payments, eliminating the necessity for them to create PayPal accounts. This not only simplifies the process but also fosters and supports entrepreneurship within Pakistan, aligning with the broader goal of cultivating a flourishing freelance ecosystem in the country.

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