In August, we’ll see two special sky events: a rare Blue Moon and two Supermoons

August brings an exciting treat with two supermoons to enjoy. Tonight, on August 1, people worldwide, including the United States and Saudi Arabia, can witness the impressive Sturgeon Moon shining brightly. This supermoon will be only 226,000 miles away, appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.

The Sturgeon Moon is a supermoon because it’s close to Earth in its orbit, creating a larger and more dazzling appearance.

What’s even rarer is having two supermoons in a month, known as a Blue Moon. The second supermoon is expected on August 30, the biggest and brightest of 2023, at a close distance of 222,043 miles.

If you miss these August supermoons, don’t worry! The next Blue Moon won’t occur until August 2032, so mark your calendars for that remarkable celestial event.

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