In 2024, the US says it’s the most powerful and influential country in the world

In 2024, the United States solidified its position as the world’s foremost powerful and influential nation, as per CEOWORLD magazine’s report. With unmatched military prowess, economic supremacy, and extensive cultural sway, particularly evident through its dynamic entertainment industry, the U.S. secured the top spot in the rankings.

China and Russia followed closely in second and third places, underscoring their considerable global sway. India, the United Kingdom, and Japan held prominent positions in the rankings, reflecting their pivotal roles on the international stage. European heavyweights France and Germany also featured prominently. The top ten concluded with South Korea, Italy, and Turkey, highlighting their significant roles in global affairs.

Conversely, the rankings spotlighted some of the least influential nations. Liberia, Somalia, Benin, Bhutan, and Moldova occupied the bottom rungs, underscoring the formidable challenges they encounter in terms of economic progress, governance, and global reach.

In sum, the report underscores the unmistakable global dominance of the United States while acknowledging the noteworthy influence of other major players worldwide.

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