In 2023, more than 860,000 Pakistanis went abroad for work

In 2023, the number of Pakistani citizens traveling abroad for employment surpassed 860,000, marking the highest count since 2015, according to the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. This signifies a notable rise from the 2022 figure of 832,339 individuals.

The workforce venturing overseas encompasses 385,892 laborers and 196,575 drivers, emphasizing a focus on manual and transportation-related occupations. Professionals such as engineers (8,741), accountants (7,390), doctors (3,486), and teachers (1,533) have also contributed to this migration.

Breaking down the skill sets, 22,760 highly qualified and 45,687 highly skilled individuals are part of this cohort, showcasing a diverse range of expertise leaving the country. The data further reveals 314,932 skilled workers, 86,593 semi-skilled individuals, and a majority of 392,653 unskilled workers seeking opportunities abroad.

Saudi Arabia stands out as the premier destination, attracting 426,951 workers, followed by the United Arab Emirates with 229,894 individuals. Other notable countries in this migration pattern include Qatar (55,112), Oman (60,046), Malaysia (20,905), Bahrain (13,345), Greece (2,914), Romania (4,947), and Iraq (4,307).

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