Imran Khan won’t participate in party elections; Gohar Khan nominated for PTI chairman

PTI’s Barrister Ali Zafar announced on Wednesday that Chairman Imran Khan would not participate in the intra-party polls scheduled for December 2 due to legal issues. Barrister Gohar Khan has been nominated for the temporary position of party chairmanship, following a controversy sparked by Sher Afzal Khan Marwat’s claim that Imran would not contest and had selected a substitute.

Zafar, speaking outside the Election Commission of Pakistan, cited Imran’s legal challenges, specifically his conviction in the Toshakhana case. Despite a trial court’s conviction and a subsequent suspension of the sentence, Imran remains in jail in other cases. Zafar stated that Imran aims to avoid any hindrance in acquiring the party’s symbol or disruptions in candidate nominations.

The PTI emphasized Imran’s desire to focus on the Toshakhana case’s resolution before contesting intra-party polls. Gohar, introduced as the nominee for the temporary chairmanship, was described as a non-controversial choice in this transitional phase. Zafar stressed that PTI is synonymous with Imran Khan and acknowledged that Imran’s continuous leadership is pivotal.

While congratulating Gohar, PTI Senior Vice President Marwat urged unity and national interest, urging members to prioritize collective goals over personal agendas. PTI’s Zulfi Bukhari also lauded Gohar, emphasizing Imran’s commitment to a non-entitlement party.

The announcement follows a statement by Marwat claiming Imran’s decision not to contest, countered by the party’s denial. Marwat stood by his statement, prompting a public contradiction within the party.

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