Iftikhar Ahmed’s aim is T20 World Cup Trophy, not just beating India.

Iftikhar Ahmed, a pivotal figure in Pakistan’s middle-order batting lineup, recently shared insights into the team’s ambitions for the upcoming T20 World Cup. He emphasized their overarching goal of clinching the championship, highlighting a focus beyond merely defeating India, their opponent on June 9 in New York.

Iftikhar, a consistent presence in Pakistan’s T20I squad, will also join the team for matches in Ireland and England before the World Cup.

In a media exchange, Iftikhar exuded confidence in Pakistan’s capacity to triumph in the World Cup. He underscored the team’s holistic approach, prioritizing victory in the tournament over any specific adversary, including India. According to him, Pakistan possesses the requisite talent and determination to pursue this objective without excuses for any setbacks during the tournament.

Moreover, Iftikhar commended Babar Azam, lauding him as one of the world’s premier batsmen for his adaptability across various match scenarios. Addressing criticisms about his own batting prowess, particularly in hitting sixes, he stressed the significance of collective team efforts over individual performances in securing success in the World Cup.

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