Governor Sindh states that the census of Karachi is only counting males.

The census conducted in Karachi recently has faced criticism over allegations of gender inequality. Kamran Tesori, the Governor of Sindh, has expressed his concerns that the census is only counting men, while disregarding women and young people. During an event held on the 20th fast of Ramadan near Hasan Square, Governor Tesori conveyed his dissatisfaction and called for immediate action.

Governor Tesori disclosed that he discovered the census was only counting men during his visit to Karachi, and that women and young people were being excluded. He declared that a meeting would be organized at the Governor House with Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, the Chief Statistician, to resolve this matter. The Governor emphasized the importance of accurate and inclusive data in the census, which is fundamental to the planning and development initiatives. He also added that any projects supported by the provincial or federal government should be reported transparently to the public.

The gender inequality issue in the Karachi census has raised apprehensions about the accuracy and dependability of the data collected. To plan for the needs and necessities of the city’s residents, it is crucial to have a complete and comprehensive count of all segments of the population, including women and young people. The Governor’s call for a meeting with the Chief Statistician and other stakeholders underscores the urgency to address this matter and ensure that all individuals, irrespective of gender, are accounted for in the census. The public is eagerly awaiting the results of this meeting and the measures taken to rectify the gender inequality in the census data.

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