Google is investing $75 million to teach 1 million people how to use AI

Google recently unveiled a significant investment of $75 million in workforce development and educational endeavors aimed at empowering Americans with the skills to effectively utilize artificial intelligence (AI). As reported by CNET, this move underscores Google’s commitment to advancing technological literacy and equipping individuals for success in an increasingly AI-driven economy.

James Manyika, Google’s senior vice president for research, technology, and society, emphasized AI’s vast potential to spur economic growth. He stressed the importance of providing people with the necessary resources and training to leverage AI effectively, unlocking avenues for innovation and advancement.

As part of this initiative, Google is launching the “Google AI Essentials” online course, accessible for a fee of $49 on the Coursera platform. This comprehensive 10-hour program aims to equip participants with fundamental AI skills and best practices applicable across diverse industries and job roles. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate validating their AI proficiency.

To facilitate the rollout of the “Google AI Essentials” course, Google has teamed up with reputable institutions like Miami Dade College and Darden Executive Education and Lifelong Learning. These partners will offer the course to students and working professionals alike. Additionally, Citigroup has announced plans to leverage the course to enhance the AI skills of its workforce, acknowledging AI proficiency’s increasing relevance in today’s job market.

Google’s investment in AI education is part of a broader strategy to address the skills gap arising from rapid technological advancements. Through grants and educational initiatives, Google aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the digital age.

In addition to bolstering its brand image, Google’s philanthropic endeavors contribute to nurturing local talent and stimulating emerging markets. Similar initiatives by tech giants like Microsoft Philanthropies, Amazon Future Engineer, and Meta Elevate underscore the industry’s collective commitment to promoting technological literacy and fostering economic opportunity.

One notable recipient of Google’s AI Opportunity Fund is Goodwill, a nonprofit organization dedicated to job training and employment assistance. Steve Preston, CEO of Goodwill, expressed optimism about Google’s support in helping job seekers acquire essential digital and AI skills, thereby enhancing their prospects for securing well-paying jobs and achieving economic mobility.

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