Gas supply limited to 8 hours during winter

The Caretaker Energy Minister, Muhammad Ali, delivered distressing news when he announced that gas availability for this winter would be limited to 8 hours a day due to soaring gas prices.

He clarified that gas would only be accessible during morning, afternoon, and evening hours. In response to this shortage, they have devised plans for LNG gas deliveries scheduled for December 2023 and January 2024.

In Pakistan, 30% of the population relies on piped gas, while the remaining 70% depend on wood and LPG. The minister noted that many piped gas users would be shielded from the price hike, whereas those using LPG would encounter increased costs.

He emphasized that the price increase would affect various consumer segments differently, with some facing higher expenses than others. The ultimate objective is to bring gas prices more in line with the cost of LPG.

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