French pilgrim Nabil Ennasri embarks on an incredible journey, cycling over 5,000 kilometers to fulfill his Hajj pilgrimage

Nabil Ennasri, a French Hajj pilgrim of Moroccan origin, recently accomplished an extraordinary feat by embarking on a bicycle journey spanning over 5,000 kilometers. His arduous expedition began in Paris and took him through 11 countries, including Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Jordan, before reaching the revered Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and ultimately arriving in Makkah.

Renowned for his work as a French affairs analyst and civil society activist, Ennasri utilized this remarkable journey as an opportunity to raise awareness about global warming while reviving the essence of the traditional pilgrimage experience. He kept his followers engaged by sharing regular updates on social media throughout his awe-inspiring 57-day venture, underscoring the profound impact it had on his spiritual devotion and prayers.

During his stay in Jeddah, Ennasri received a warm welcome from the Saudi Cycling Federation and even had the privilege of participating in a practice session with local club members. His remarkable journey allowed him to retrace the challenging path that countless Muslims had undertaken in the past, drawing inspiration from their unwavering dedication and sacrifices.

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