Forecasted Schedule of ‘Intense Rainfall’ in Karachi as Cyclone Approaches

In light of the approaching Cyclone “Biparjoy” over the Arabian Sea, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a statement indicating that Karachi can expect heavy rainfall from 13th June to 16th June.

Southeast Sindh is predicted to experience intense thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds blowing at speeds of 60-80 kilometers/hour. The coastal area of Keti Bandar Port may witness waves reaching a maximum height of 8-10 feet.

Videos circulating on social media have already shown the impact of strong winds in coastal areas. The regions of Badin, Thatta, Mirpurkhas, Sajawal, and Tharparkar have been specifically warned of heavy rainfall. Fishermen are advised to refrain from venturing into the open sea until the danger subsides, as high tides are expected.

According to Dr. Sadar Sarfraz, the Chief Meteorologist, the maximum surface winds near the center of the cyclone are recorded at 150-260 km/hour, with gusts of up to 180 km/hour.

Residents in the mentioned areas are urged to avoid unnecessary travel towards the coastline to ensure the safety of their lives and properties.

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