Electricity in Pakistan now priced at Rs 65 per unit

Following a consistent uptick in electricity rates, the cost of electricity has now surged to Rs 65 per unit, with a minimum charge of Rs 22 per unit imposed by LESCO.

LESCO has initiated an additional billing approach in the form of arrears, levying consumers with extra charges spanning 12 to 19 days of usage. These supplementary bills are calculated at a rate of Rs 7 per unit. Notably, this price hike came into effect on July 1st, with the previous month’s arrears now incorporated into the current month’s bills.

For customers consuming up to 100 units, the tariff stands at 22 rupees per unit, while those utilizing 101 to 200 units are billed around 32 rupees per unit. Likewise, individuals consuming units ranging from 201 to 300 face charges of 37 rupees per unit, while those using 301 units bear a cost of approximately 43 rupees per unit. Consumers in the 401 to 500 unit bracket will see charges amounting to Rs 47 per unit, and those in the 501 to 600 unit range will be billed at a rate of Rs 49 per unit.

Additionally, customers using 601 to 700 units will encounter a rate of Rs 52 per unit, while those with consumption exceeding 700 units will face charges of Rs 65 per unit, inclusive of taxes.

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