Doctor Warns: Smoking After Iftar Raises Risk of Heart Disease

Dr. Golan, as per the news agency’s report, cautioned that individuals who smoke right after breaking their fast experience physical tremors and shaking in their hands and feet, along with dizziness. Smoking cigarettes disturbs the body’s entire immune system after an extended break, while it does not have the same effect after a short break.

Dr. Golan emphasized that smoking during Ramadan can cause significant harm to the walls of blood vessels, which is even more detrimental than smoking during other months of the year. Additionally, medical research indicates that heart disease-related deaths rise during Ramadan, and smoking can increase the risk of sudden death.

He further urged individuals to utilize the month of Ramadan as an opportunity to quit smoking and take advantage of the body’s natural habit of refraining from tobacco use during the extended fasting period. Smoking cigarettes after breaking the fast can cause physical symptoms such as hand and foot tremors, dizziness, and disruption to the immune system.

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